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Vol. 14 No. 1 (2022): البرز

براہوئی خلقی شاعری ٹی سیل وتیرمہ نا وئیل آتا درشانی: Reflection of seasonal issues in Brahui folklore

February 27, 2022


It is important to study its literature and rural life in order to get a reasonable knowledge of a nation’s history, culture, and psyche.  In any literature, poetry enjoys a core position, and poetry is always created by the intellectuals who keep a close eye on the problems faced by the masses in the deteriorating climate conditions and the depiction thereof, especially when the suffering masses do not have access to proper management or facilities in a timely manner. The problems leave psychological as well as social effects on the people. This study mainly focuses on the problems that Brahui language users face. These people mostly live in the mountainous areas of Balochistan where they face both intensively hot and cold weather. With a qualitative exploratory approach, this study discusses how Brahui poetry has dealt with those issues of winter and summer faced by the people with a reflection of the lifestyle of the people. The findings depict the difficulties of the rural people narrated in Brahui poetry during the course of seasonal migrations from “Khurasan” to “Sindh” for their and their live stock’s survival and, resultantly, how they passed their lives in poverty during such seasonal migrations.


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