Scope and Mission


To be a dynamic and collaborating knowledge-sharing platform between Brahui researchers and international thoughts. Which could be contributing to promoting the pace of development in Brahui language and literature.


The mission of Al-Burz is to;

  • Provide an active platform for researchers to share the outcomes of their research with the global community.
  • To promote the development of fiction and language, particularly in developing countries
  • To become one of the leading open access international journals in the field of Brahui Language and literature.
  • To achieve excellence and maintain the uppermost ethical standards in publishing the original research
  • To provide swift publication in a variety of formats like original research, editorials, review articles, viewpoints, and book reviews.



Al-Burz is an open-access academic journal published by the Department of Brahui, University of Balochistan Saryab Road Quetta-Pakistan. Which focuses on publishing original and peer-reviewed research papers on all aspects of Brahui Language, Brahui literature, Brahui linguistics, Brahui costumes (traditions & folk wisdom) Brahology, and international Issues which affect the Brahui literature and language. Alburz is an academic journal that gains a foothold in Pakistan, Asia, and opens to the world. It aims to promote the integration of languages, literature, and linguistics. Submitted papers will be reviewed by the technical committees of the Journal.



  1. Al-Burz only accepts those manuscripts which focus following topics in Brahui or in English) not limited to the following,
  2. Brahui language
  3. Brahui linguistics
  4. Brahui Grammar
  5. Brahui phonetics & Phonology
  6. Brahui semantics
  7. Brahui alphabets & orthography
  8. Brahui dictionaries
  9. Brahui literature (Modern and folk)
  10. Brahui poetry (Modern and folk)
  11. Brahui Fiction
  12. Brahui folk wisdom
  13. Other topics related to Brahui.