Balochistan: People and Culture


  • Gheyas-uddin Siddiqui Assistant professor, Department of social work university of Balochistan
  • Zubair Ahmed Siddiqui Researcher Forgosan chartered Company Karachi.



geopolitical changes, Mehrgarh civilizatiodin , people and culture


After 9/11 the rapid geopolitical changes took place in the world scenario. Being an alliance of super power Afghanistan and Pakistan particularly the province of Balochsitan has been affected deficiently. The people are very much enthusiastic to know about the people and culture of Balochistan. Balochistan’s history dates back with Mehrgarh civilization, which is 10,000 years old. So far, socially and culturally it is very rich. Various ethnic groups, languages, dress, food, living style etc. have developed a colorful cultural in the area. Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan spreads over 347,190 sq Km, and the population is around seventy five million, which is about 5% of the country. It has thus the unique characteristics having the largest area and least density Province of Pakistan. It is bordered with three provinces of the country, Iran and Afghanistan on the North West. Balochistan has an interesting topography of widespread high mountainous ranges, vast plain land and the largest coastal belt of the country, The climate is temperate along the coast. The in land deserts and arid zones are hot, while the mountains region is cold. In this research paper the traditional norms values and culture those are under practice with in their tribal laws are discussed, to give a clear picture about Balochistan, its people and culture.

Balochistan: People and Culture




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