Errata on Author's Affiliation


Any article affiliations should represent the institution(s) at which the research presented was conducted and/or supported and/or approved. For non-research content, any affiliations should represent the institution(s) with which each author is currently affiliated. Knowingly providing false or fraudulent affiliation information is a form of misconduct, and may lead to article retraction. 

 The errata begin in the column: F:

This erratum has been published on consideration of Al-Burz ethical policies,

Section: Corrections and retractions:

The considered policy is reproduced below,

  • The journal will issue errata if:
    • A small portion of an otherwise reliable publication proves to be misleading (especially because of honest error);
    • The author list is incorrect (i.e. a deserving author has been omitted or somebody who does not meet authorship criteria has been included).

The editorial board received applications from the tabled below authors to change their affiliation in their published article (Al-Burz. Vol. no.13(1) 2021). All authors are registered in the Department of Brahui as M.Phil/Ph.D. scholars.

The erratum /corrigendum is being issued to change the affiliation of mentioned tabled authors. To read and consider Column(F) in further or for thesis submission purposes.










Author name

Old affiliation

Revised Affiliation


بابو عبدالرحمان کرد نا براہوئی شاعری ٹی ترقی پسندی ناجاچ

An analysis of Progressivism in Babo Abdul Rehman Kurd’s Brahui Poetry

Naseeb ullah Domki

SST (G) govt. boys’ high school, Lijjay, district Kharan

M.Phil Scholar


گڈیکو نظر، افسانہ نا نفسیاتی جاچ

A Psychological Analysis of Brahui Short Story ‘‘Guddiko Nazar”

Muhammad Saleem Javed

Lecture, Government Degree College Khuzdar

Ph.D Scholar


براہوئی ادب اٹ غمخوار حیات نا مٹ وبدل نا جاچ

An analysis of Translated Works of Ghamkhawar Hayat in Brahui Literature

Jamil ur Rehman Fakir

Dispenser, Shahed Nawab Ghaos Bakhsh Raesani Hospital, distrct Mastung.

M.Phil Scholar


گل بنگلزئی نا افسانہ غاتا کتاب:دڑدآتا گواچی: نا جاچ اس

An Analysis of Darhd ata Guachi, a short story book of Gul Bangulzai

Mir Hazar Khan

Sub accountant, district account office Noshki Balochistan. 

M.Phil Scholar