Al-Burz: Announcements <p><strong>Al-Burz publishes research into language with relevance to real-world issues. The journal is keen to help make connections between scholarly discourses, theories, and research methods from a broad range of Brahui language, literature, and other relevant areas of study. The journal welcomes contributions that critically reflect on current, cutting-edge theory and practice in Brahui language and literature.</strong></p> <p><em><strong>*Al-Burz is HEC recognized “Y” category research journal through HJRS.</strong></em></p> en-US Call for Submission: Call for Paper Alburz Vol-15(1)2023 <p>Colleagues:</p> <p>We at, <strong>Al-Burz</strong> initiate a call for paper for possible inclusion in upcoming <strong>issue</strong> of Al-Burz</p> <p>annual research Journal of Brahui (ISBN 2071-9477 (P), 2521-408X (E) which is housed in the Department of Brahui, faculty of Languages &amp; Literature, University of Balochistan Quetta. The journal welcomes articles, dialogues, notes, book reviews and further comments thereon, in keeping with editorial policy, as set out in the founding Editor’s remarks.</p> <p>Al-Burz aims to provide a platform for researchers to present new research and developments in the areas of interest for this issue include, but are not limited to, the following topics:</p> <ul> <li class="show">Brahui language</li> <li class="show">Brahui linguistics</li> <li class="show">Brahui literature (Modern and folk)</li> <li class="show">Brahui poetry (Modern and folk)</li> <li class="show">Brahui Fiction</li> <li class="show">Brahui folk wisdom</li> <li class="show">Topics related to Brahui Criticism</li> <li class="show">Translation studies of Brahui</li> </ul> <p> You will need to indicate your intention to submit your full paper by registering with Al-Burz <a href=""></a> by the deadline indicated below,</p> <p><strong> </strong></p> <p><strong>IMPORTANT DATES:</strong></p> <p> <strong>Paper Submission deadline</strong>: July 30, 2023</p> <p><strong>Acceptance for double blind peer review</strong>: September 30, 2023</p> <p><strong>Final deadline for accepted papers:</strong> October 30, 2023</p> <p><strong> </strong><strong>Publishing dates;</strong></p> <p><strong>Online Version: </strong> November 25, 2023</p> <p><strong> </strong></p> <p><strong>Editor in Chief</strong>: Liaquat Ali Sani, Ph.D.</p> <p> Associate Professor of Brahui department University of Balochistan, Sariyab road Quetta.</p> Al-Burz 2022-12-10